Plenty Of True To Go Around, Used True Refrigerators

Used restaurant equipment still flowing in by the truckload. The selection at our store right now is pretty vast, you should be able to find any piece you are looking for. There is a lot of True Refrigeration available too.
Beverage-airWe still sell True mfg, however, Standard has recently switched from selling True as the primary refrigeration vendor, to Beverage-Air. All the older units in stock, still brand new, have been put at a clearance price and stuck in our used equipment section on our floor.
True Refrigeration Manufacturing has an excellent product, and we are not cutting their name or company down in anyway but not using them as our primary refrigeration vendor, we just simply like Beverage-Air more. There are over 20 units sitting on our used restaurant equipment floor and our warehouse that we need to get rid of. If you are in the market for a new refrigerator, be sure to come by and look at our selection. Most of the pieces haven’t been used, we have just had them for a while.
True MFG

So, now on to the rest of the used equipment that we have available. There is a pretty good selection on used cooking equipment. Lots of Southbends and a few Wolfs and some APWs. Remember that we have a 30 day warranty on all of our used equipment, that if anything goes wrong in the first month, give us a call and we will send someone out to fix it right away. d

All used equipment sales are final.