How The Industry Is Moving! Energy Efficient Restaurant Equipment & Supplies!

This slide show is pretty impressive. Alot of the vendors/manufacturers in our industry are trying to go green. It shows that they care about the environment and industry in it’self, well that and there is a huge demand for green producst in today’s market :)

Sustainability- Cambro for Good

Cambro Manufacturing Sustainability presentation.

Cambro’s presentation has about 30 or so slides showing why you should buy their products. One of the slides showed the inside of a walk-in box at a restaurant. The shelving in the cooler was rusty and in rough shape, and definately not in compliance with the state food safe laws. They showed how buying their shelving it would never rust and in most cases the shelves are easily removable for cleaning.

Energy efficient products are starting to take off in the restaurant supplies industry, especially here in Arizona! The energy efficient restaurant equipment are alot more difficult to sell than the just the restaurant supplies. With the equipment, it’s harder to get the customer to realize the long term savings because the price of the equipment is much higher than your regular old economy unit.

This is something that you should be looking for in any restaurant supply in arizona, or even your current restaurant supplier. Standard has a huge selection of energy efficient supplies and we are ready to help you!