Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Cake Decorating Supplies Arizona

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I saw this really cool blog that had some cake decorating pictures. There are always things like this on Pintrist, that's what makes that site so fun.

I have never really been a Star Wars fan, but I couldn't help think how cool these are:

Star Wars Cakes: Adventures in Cake Decorating


Make a Star Wars cake for the birthday boy in your life! Fun, adventure, and fantasy! Here are some awesome examples from Craftsy members.

I think I might actually start watching the Star Wars movies now that Disney own's the film rights. I always found the others boring and long. Now they might be fun!

Cake decorating is starting to get more and more popular because of the new tv shows on the food channel. My favorite cake decorating peice is the frosting flower. You have to use a certain type of pastry tube to make it work the best and it takes a lot of practice.