Found A Cool Recipe That I Can Put Near My Cake Decorating Section In Arizona!

If you are wanting to try something fun, check this article out. This seriously is so easy to make!

WHSV – Rice Crispy Treats with a Twist 14

OR – -6 cups Kellogg’s® Cocoa Krispies® cereal -Canned frosting or decorating gel -M&M’s® Brand chocolate candies. Decorate snowmen with frosting and/or M&M’s chocolate candies. (If using circles, for each snowman connect three different sized circles together with frosting.

It’s so awesome finding cool recipes like this, I am thinking about printing some of these out and putting them up near our bakeware section of the showroom floor. We could put them up right there next to the baking pans or cookie sheets.

That way when customers come up to buy some of these bun pans or whatever they can be like “Wow… that is creative! I should try that!” For this recipe, I would probably also have to put them up near the cake decorating tubes and tips, because of all the cool designs that you could put on the rice crispies :)