Food Safety Solutions At Our Restaurant Supply Store in Mesa Arizona

Oh my heck, I read this article (don’t you just love how I just post all the crap that I read about :P) and it is very relevant to things that I am research right now!

My sister sells Farmers insurance for for a living. She asked me if I thought alot of the restaurants I work with in Arizona would be interested in getting insurance for their restaurant.

I wasn’t really sure what to say, so I started doing research. There are alot of things that I already know about in food safety, in fact, these are some of the same things everyone should know.

Anyway, I read this article (in my research) and I was captured by what the author was saying. I really wanted to read his tweet mentioned in the first part of this article.

Food Politics ยป Food safety problems can happen anywhere, even


I was interested to read in Food Safety News last week that Noma, the Copenhagen restaurant ranked as the world’s best, was the site of a norovirus outbreak that affected a large proportion of its customers. I tweeted

There are some pretty helpful tips in here that you may want to try out. Things like “cooperating with health inspectors” and “pay employees to stay home when sick”

There are plenty ways to increase the food safety awareness in your restaurant today. Next time you come to Standard in Mesa for restaurant supplies, or any of our restaurant supply stores in Arizona, ask us. We have alot of answers that can help you save your restaurant from being shut down, or having a really bad outbreak that could distroy your reputation.