Foil containers for frozen dinners

A few weeks ago my hubby slipped and broke his leg. Its been a little tough for him accepting that he isn’t allowed to do much but rest at the house all the time with his leg elevated. He wanted to at least assist with dinners. We figured the best thing for him to do, would certainly be frozen suppers straight into the oven. We took a seat and came up with a few covered dish suppers that would certainly be good to freeze. Once we had a few dishes I spent all Sunday cooking them.mYNQeVvDBSPZcHpLbFRu9Gg I found some foil containers and covers at Standard Restaurant Supply, and they were outstanding! They have small enough sizes, that our meals are the perfect amount for the two of us, and cardboard covers that are the same size are simple to write on with what’s inside, and for how long to cook them.

I have actually made a decision that even when he’s healed this is the best method to go with weekday nights when we are both tired from work.

It’s so nice to be able to walk right into Standard Restaurant Supplies, and recognize that they will have something there that will certainly simplify my life somehow.

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