Easter Show In Mesa Arizona! Restaurant Store Will Be There!

So what is going on in Mesa Az today? What’s up?

Easter is coming up, this weekend to be exact :) I saw this page on AZ central.com that was way neat. I might actually go to this show.

Volunteers bring together sprawling Mesa Easter show


Volunteers bring together sprawling Mesa Easter show,With its roughly 900 volunteers and finely tuned soundtrack, the Mormon Easter pageant kicking off tonight in Mesa is a far cry from the cotton-wagon choir concert that

I found out about AZcentral because I wanted to put a giant sign up on the front of my building. They were very nice on the phone, but boy were they thourough. They wanted to know all about my company and what we were going to sell, how many people were going to be working for us, and how big the building is.

They were extatic when I told them that we were a store for restaurants in Arizona to buy all their supplies from. Even more excited when I told them that we are open to the public and would start hiring people right away. The new jobs would be benificial to the city of Mesa. :)

Long story short, we got our sign permits no problem and was able to put the sign up on the building. Seriously though, this Easter show is going to be awesome! I love Mormon plays, so I am sure I am going to enjoy this!