Ban on Foam Containers

This past Friday New York City’s Department of Sanitation announced that starting July 1 2015 they will ban all polystyrene (commonly known as, but not always correctly referred to as Styrofoam) food containers. According to Scientific American, they have determined that single-use expanded polystyrene cannot be recycled economically. There is also no market for post consumer polystyrene foam collected in curbside recycling. 129724

Chemical manufacturers and manufacturers of these products have fought this ban, stating that it is in fact a material that can be recycled.

New York City’s sanitation department states it collected around 28,500 tons of expanded polystyrene in 2014 and estimated that 90% of this was single use cups and containers.

New York isn’t the first to place a ban on such products. Several west coast cities, including Seattle, Portland and San Francisco have already banned polystyrene food containers.


Not only are cities across the US making a turn for a more eco freindly alternative, large corporations have starting making the change as well, from polystyrene products to favoring paper products instead. Restaurants tend to be first in the cutting edge of environmental protection. Going more “green”. With that being said alternatives have to be affordable. Hopefully safer, and cheaper alternatives are in our future.

What is everyone’s thoughts on these new bans on polystyrene?