Food Safety In Your Kitchen, Mesa Restaurant Supplies

So St. Patrick’s day is in two days and if you haven’t picked up your food coloring, and glassware by now, you’d better get them today. I have a feeling that suppliers are running low. You don’t want to run out of glasses over the weekend.

So, I ran across this cool video about food storage. It was really cool, I love how everything was nice and clean in this walk-in. Of coarse, if you are shooting a video about food storage, I don’t know how you couldn’t have everything clean; otherwise it might defeat the purpose. Anyway! check it out! If this doesn’t make you want to deck out your whole restaurant kitchen with Cambro, I don’t know what will.

5 Steps to Food Safety: Storage – Cambro StoreSafe Improperly stored food becomes vulnerable to cross contamination and compromised quality. Just having the proper lids can make a big differenc…

Wow! wasn’t that cool?
(You may have to click on the link to watch the video… WordPress is dumb sometimes)

Okay, so listen to this… Out of all the food storage containers, food pans, food boxes, all food storage items in today’s market, Cambro is going to cost you the most money. So here is what I propose, Thunder Group sells the same size pan for a fraction of the price of Cambro. Heck, even Carlisle has a cheaper pan, so you may want to go that route.

Cambro Thunder Group

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cambro. They have an excellent product, but I am just saying that if you are trying to save some money, definitely consider going with a cheaper pan, you can accomplish the same results.