Monthly Archives: August 2013

People Probably Need To Take Silicone Stuff Seriously

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “silicone”? Come on… I know what you are thinking. But No, I am not talking about that. Here is a neat article that one of our customers wrote on their blog about our silicone potholders: Whenever I make food for my kids […]

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Check Out How Some People Are Using Our Steam Table Pans!

I sure love the people out here in Arizona! Here is an article that another one of our customers wrote about how he uses his hotel pans. Keep in mind that he is regular guy, no restaurant… just loves to cook! Not long ago I bought a Steam Table Pan and We used it to […]

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This Knife Is Awesome!

Alot of people will use this chef’s/santoku knife as their main knife. I do, here is an awesome article that one of our customer’s wrote about it: I enjoy this chef’s knife, its fits completely in my hands and it’s not too long that the blade gets in the way. Furthermore, I appreciate how very […]

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